Should You Go For New Casinos Or Established Ones?

The online casino scene is ever growing and changing. Diversity here is key and has given rise to a great many notable brands such as the 24onlinecasinos. There are so many online casinos these days and they all have something unique to offer to this thriving market. And it doesn’t stop there, there are many innovative ideas here, hence many new casinos are popping up thanks to the vastness of the internet and the scale of these market. This usually brings about a dilemma, whether to go for the new casinos in the market or the older established ones that have thrived in the market for a while.

Beforehand, you might be a newbie in the casino industry looking to start your gambling journey. The first thing to learn real quickly is how to set up an online casino account. After you have created the account, you can now commence stepping into the world of real money online casinos.

New online casinos

You may find yourself asking, “How do I know if a Casino is new?” New online casinos tend to have very little digital footprint, meaning very few reviews have been done and there is very little information online on customer experience and the quality of service offered. It typically takes up to a year for a casino to hit this threshold. New casinos that are able to survive two years on the market with good reputation often go on to become well established casinos. New casinos usually have their perks but may also have a downside to them.


  • Having been recently launched, new casinos usually employ the latest in technological trends. This means they have more efficient and modernised interfaces, the latest in online casino features, the latest video and audio qualities, and the best online casino payment options.
  • New casinos may seem quite demanding but are more likely to be optimized for compatibility with a wide range of devices. They are designed for both mobile and desktop devices and typically use less bandwidth.
  • In order to draw in clients and compete with the market, new casinos design very lucrative and attractive bonuses. Long-time players agree that new casinos are usually pretty generous in their early life especially with the new trend in welcome bonuses offering free spins together with bonus money.
  • Unlike most established casinos that tire of updating their gaming libraries, new casinos come with the latest in fresh content.
  • New casinos are also more dynamic in comparison to established ones making it easier for them to adapt to market forces helping them maintain high levels of quality service. This is done by changing their interfaces depending on global trends, reviewing and changing their welcome bonuses and updating their payment and banking options.
  • Consequently new casinos are quite flexible and able to get things the first time. They can easily redesign themselves to meet clients’ needs in contrast to established casinos due to the resource implications.


  • Since new casinos have no proven track record, signing up with them and giving them your banking details could leave you vulnerable. These privacy issues can pause a serious risk to players especially since rogue casinos love posing as new casinos.
  • Just like new tech products tend to glitch, a new casino may malfunction. These malfunctions are terrible for players as most casinos Terms and Conditions claim that a casino malfunction voids all wins.
  • There may also be concerns on fairness when it comes to new casinos as they have not undergone many audits by an independent entity. This is due to the cost implications that come with auditing and obtaining an RNG certificate. New casinos want to limit their expenditure and may not go for these audits until they have become profitable.

Established online Casinos

These online casinos are more common among experienced and regular casino players. They thrive because they have the necessary experience, resources and manpower to do so. These established casino also have their pros and cons which can greatly influence a player’s choice between the two.


  • Established Casinos are proven to be fair eliminating any concerns over the same. They have been audited over and over again and have competent RNG certificates. This means they are open about their RTPs and how much they have profited making it easy for players to trust them.
  • Pay-outs here are easily made as the established casinos usually have a lot of liquidity.
  • Established casinos also have a well-crafted and user friendly interface as it has been reviewed and worked on severally to meet clients’ needs and ensure an optimal user experience.
  • New players know what to expect when joining established casinos as there is a lot of information on previous user experiences. Many reviews have been done on such casinos and this builds confidence among new players.
  • Established casinos are experienced in giving the best VIP and Loyalty programs. These means they are better placed to reward constant and regular players unlike new casinos which are still out to make a profit.
  • If an established Casino has been constantly updating their libraries they are more likely to have a vast game collection with titles that have been released over a long time. These means players have a diverse selection of casino games to choose from in each category making it easy for them to locate their ideal and preferred games.
  • Established online casinos have a vast consumer base and as a result they have more to protect. These means they are forced to invest in the best security and privacy protection for their clients. They also have a reputation to uphold and as such are entitled to give the highest levels of security.


  • Unlike with new casinos, established ones are more likely to have outdated interfaces and features. Constantly updating, redesigning and reworking a casinos interface can be tedious and costly for casinos. However, most try their best and manage to stay relevant in this ever changing market.
  • Older established casinos may have device compatibility issues as they do not employ the latest in technologies. This could lead to malfunctions and lagging which are not good for players.
  • Established casinos may also lack a personalized customer experience which is an emerging trend in online casinos. This is done by offering live customer support services that may not be compatible with the interface of an older casino. They may also be overwhelmed by the large number of clients they serve making it hard for them to offer the best in customer service.
  • Some established casinos may be bound to certain few software providers leaving them with a small selection. This may also mean that there are no frequent updates made to the casinos gaming portfolio hence players cannot enjoy the latest and most popular games.

Final Verdict

It is hard to pick a preference between a new casino and an established casinos. This however comes down to the player’s preferences. Players who prefer playing few and specific games on a daily basis can go with established casinos offering those games and they are guaranteed of security, privacy and quality service. However, those that prefer exploring new frontiers, technological advancements and are always looking for something new are more likely to find their fit with new casinos. It is important to remember that no matter what choice you make, the casino should be regulated, licensed, tested and certified to avoid being scammed. In fact, there has been a call for a radical overhaul of online casinos after far-reaching inquiry. Once you have checked all these boxes, you can then go on to weigh the pros and cons of each of these casino groups before settling on your ultimate preference.