Should You Go For New Casinos Or Established Ones?

The online casino scene is ever growing and changing. Diversity here is key and has given rise to a great many notable brands such as the 24onlinecasinos. There are so many online casinos these days and they all have something unique to offer to this thriving market. And it doesn’t stop there, there are many innovative ideas here, hence many new casinos are popping up thanks to the vastness of the internet and the scale of these market. This usually brings about a dilemma, whether to go for the new casinos in the market or the older established ones that have thrived in the market for a while.

Beforehand, you might be a newbie in the casino industry looking to start your gambling journey. The first thing to learn real quickly is how to set up an online casino account. After you have created the account, you can now commence stepping into the world of real money online casinos.

New online casinos

You may find yourself asking, “How do I know if a Casino is new?” New online casinos tend to have very little digital footprint, meaning very few reviews have been done and there is very little information online on customer experience and the quality of service offered. It typically takes up to a year for a casino to hit this threshold. New casinos that are able to survive two years on the market with good reputation often go on to become well established casinos. New casinos usually have their perks but may also have a downside to them.


  • Having been recently launched, new casinos usually employ the latest in technological trends. This means they have more efficient and modernised interfaces, the latest in online casino features, the latest video and audio qualities, and the best online casino payment options.
  • New casinos may seem quite demanding but are more likely to be optimized for compatibility with a wide range of devices. They are designed for both mobile and desktop devices and typically use less bandwidth.
  • In order to draw in clients and compete with the market, new casinos design very lucrative and attractive bonuses. Long-time players agree that new casinos are usually pretty generous in their early life especially with the new trend in welcome bonuses offering free spins together with bonus money.
  • Unlike most established casinos that tire of updating their gaming libraries, new casinos come with the latest in fresh content.
  • New casinos are also more dynamic in comparison to established ones making it easier for them to adapt to market forces helping them maintain high levels of quality service. This is done by changing their interfaces depending on global trends, reviewing and changing their welcome bonuses and updating their payment and banking options.
  • Consequently new casinos are quite flexible and able to get things the first time. They can easily redesign themselves to meet clients’ needs in contrast to established casinos due to the resource implications.


  • Since new casinos have no proven track record, signing up with them and giving them your banking details could leave you vulnerable. These privacy issues can pause a serious risk to players especially since rogue casinos love posing as new casinos.
  • Just like new tech products tend to glitch, a new casino may malfunction. These malfunctions are terrible for players as most casinos Terms and Conditions claim that a casino malfunction voids all wins.
  • There may also be concerns on fairness when it comes to new casinos as they have not undergone many audits by an independent entity. This is due to the cost implications that come with auditing and obtaining an RNG certificate. New casinos want to limit their expenditure and may not go for these audits until they have become profitable.

Established online Casinos

These online casinos are more common among experienced and regular casino players. They thrive because they have the necessary experience, resources and manpower to do so. These established casino also have their pros and cons which can greatly influence a player’s choice between the two.


  • Established Casinos are proven to be fair eliminating any concerns over the same. They have been audited over and over again and have competent RNG certificates. This means they are open about their RTPs and how much they have profited making it easy for players to trust them.
  • Pay-outs here are easily made as the established casinos usually have a lot of liquidity.
  • Established casinos also have a well-crafted and user friendly interface as it has been reviewed and worked on severally to meet clients’ needs and ensure an optimal user experience.
  • New players know what to expect when joining established casinos as there is a lot of information on previous user experiences. Many reviews have been done on such casinos and this builds confidence among new players.
  • Established casinos are experienced in giving the best VIP and Loyalty programs. These means they are better placed to reward constant and regular players unlike new casinos which are still out to make a profit.
  • If an established Casino has been constantly updating their libraries they are more likely to have a vast game collection with titles that have been released over a long time. These means players have a diverse selection of casino games to choose from in each category making it easy for them to locate their ideal and preferred games.
  • Established online casinos have a vast consumer base and as a result they have more to protect. These means they are forced to invest in the best security and privacy protection for their clients. They also have a reputation to uphold and as such are entitled to give the highest levels of security.


  • Unlike with new casinos, established ones are more likely to have outdated interfaces and features. Constantly updating, redesigning and reworking a casinos interface can be tedious and costly for casinos. However, most try their best and manage to stay relevant in this ever changing market.
  • Older established casinos may have device compatibility issues as they do not employ the latest in technologies. This could lead to malfunctions and lagging which are not good for players.
  • Established casinos may also lack a personalized customer experience which is an emerging trend in online casinos. This is done by offering live customer support services that may not be compatible with the interface of an older casino. They may also be overwhelmed by the large number of clients they serve making it hard for them to offer the best in customer service.
  • Some established casinos may be bound to certain few software providers leaving them with a small selection. This may also mean that there are no frequent updates made to the casinos gaming portfolio hence players cannot enjoy the latest and most popular games.

Final Verdict

It is hard to pick a preference between a new casino and an established casinos. This however comes down to the player’s preferences. Players who prefer playing few and specific games on a daily basis can go with established casinos offering those games and they are guaranteed of security, privacy and quality service. However, those that prefer exploring new frontiers, technological advancements and are always looking for something new are more likely to find their fit with new casinos. It is important to remember that no matter what choice you make, the casino should be regulated, licensed, tested and certified to avoid being scammed. In fact, there has been a call for a radical overhaul of online casinos after far-reaching inquiry. Once you have checked all these boxes, you can then go on to weigh the pros and cons of each of these casino groups before settling on your ultimate preference.

Popular and trusted real money Online Casinos

Real money online casinos are a popular way to gamble nowadays, with the process of signing up being very easy and agencies offering various bonuses constantly. Given the fact that signing up with an online casino not only requires personal information but also deposits, it’s important to do the proper research beforehand and have a good understanding of the requirements, bonuses, and how reliable the casino is. Some bonuses might be too good to be true or the platform might look very easy, and in some cases what you see is what you get, but it pays to know what you’re getting into.


Stepping Into The World Of Real Money Online Casinos

A good course of action is to sign up and test the water first. Casinos tend to offer virtual money as well, where you’re not required to make any deposit but can still enjoy the games offered by the platform. Once you find an online casino that looks promising, testing the water like this can be a good step for a number of reasons, one of them being that playing with virtual money allows you to get familiar with the software and understand the layout and rules.

Types of Bonus Offers

Each casino has different bonuses, from free spins to free money. While you might be tempted to jump to the offer right away, make sure you read on what the bonus implies so that you don’t get any surprises later on. In addition, given that every casino offers some sort of bonus, it’s best to weigh the options – especially if you don’t want to sign up with a handful of online casinos.

In some cases, casinos might offer no deposit bonuses for new users, which means that only a Real Money account is necessary, but no deposit is required. Reading the fine print is important however, because in some cases the money made from the bonus might be non-cashable until a real deposit is made.

The most popular type of bonus is the deposit-based one, where a casino offers new users money bonuses or free spins once they make a deposit. Keep in mind that there is a minimum and maximum involved. Casinos will require that you deposit a minimum amount of money, and they will either offer a set bonus, or they will offer you a bonus based on the amount deposited. This is where the maximum kicks in, as there is a limit to the amount of money they will be able to offer in case the bonus is percentage-based.

Registering and Beginning

In some cases, there might not be a highly specific tutorial, but the process of signing up and using the software can be very easy and intuitive. Signing up can need as little as an email address, username, and a password – and personal information might be required when you make a deposit or a withdraw.

Once you have an account, you will be able to access the casino’s software. You will be able to download it from their website to your device (either a smartphone, tablet or PC) – make sure that the software is compatible with your operating system so there are no surprises.

Depositing and withdrawing are also easy processes. Once you access the casino’s software it will guide you through the depositing process and you will see methods through which you can add money to your account – some casinos may accept only Visa and MasterCard, while other might also accept e-wallets such as PayPal; document yourself beforehand to make sure that a deposit will be possible and there will be no issues with your method of choice.

Once you decide to withdraw money, the process consist in virtually the press of a couple of buttons. The depositing and withdrawing of money can require 1 to 3 days, depending on your method of choice, but it can also be instant through certain e-wallets. In addition, there are certain fees involved when dealing with money, which is why researching the best method to do things pays off in the end.

How To Set Up An Online Casino Account

Setting an online casino account is much easier than most people might think. These accounts only require a small amount of information, and players who use these accounts to gamble every day can easily keep their accounts current using the steps listed below.


Sign up and activate your Account

We step in the process makes it easier for the player to make money, and someone with a complete profile will have a better chance of managing their money wisely.

How To Register

Registering for an online casino requires that the player use all their basic personal information to build a profile. The profile explains who the player is, where they live, and their basic tax information. Tax information is needed if the casino needs to send the player a tax form, and this information can be updated at any time if needed. The player can use the sign up link on the homepage of the site.

What You Need To Register

Players must have a payment method along with some form of ID. The online casino will ask people to submit a form of photo ID to verify a casino account. The account cannot withdraw money in most cases if it is not verified, and there are some online casino companies that will close accounts if they do not have a verified ID.

Players need to have a payment method for the casino that they think will be easy to use. The online casino needs to have a default payment method for the account, and that payment method will be used when the player starts to fund their account. This same account can be used for withdrawals, or the player might want to add a second casino account that will be used for withdrawals.

Players need a verified email address that will be easy to reach, and the player can get back into their account using that email. The same is true of a phone number. Players need to have a phone number that they can use to verify their account. The phone number is also a security measure that can be used by the player to get back into their account. IF the site uses two factor authentication, the phone number could be used for that form of verification.

Open And Activate Your Account

Players must activate their account using their email or phone number. Plus, the player should plan to fun their account so that they can start getting bonus money from the casino. In most cases, but not all, the account needs a deposit to get a bonus. Is Registration Free?

Is the Registration Free?

Registration for most online casino sites is free. However, the casino account should have a payment method because there is no other way for the player to play. The online casino might require the player to make an initial deposit, but this is not a requirement for every casino account.Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses in an online casino could be deposit or no deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses require that players make a deposit in their casino account. The casino either gives a specific bonus or matches the player’s deposit. An online casino might offer free spins to the player, and those free spins are noted in the player’s account along with their cash.

Bonuses have rules and regulations that players must live by. In most cases, the bonuses cannot be withdrawn until the player has satisfied the 35 times rule or used all their bonus cash first. Read the online casino rules carefully before taking a bonus and trying to use it. Also, casinos will ban anyone they think is cheating or trying to game the system. Signing up for an online casino account helps players deposit play their favorite games. When the player has chosen their favorite place to play, they can open an account for an online casino with a little personal and financial information.

Online Casino Games with real Money

Casino games have always been very popular all through out the world. They seem to attract many tourists and many people who are interested in playing and betting some money to win. There are many people who have made this one of their hobbies from their own home. They love the idea of being able to play and win by sitting on their couch or with friends and family.


Important things to know about Online CasinoGames with real Money

Luckily, today there are many different ways that give you the opportunity to play and win some money by playing online casino games. These are real money games that were created to give anyone the chance to play and win some money! There are also live games that make you feel as if you are playing right there in the actual casino. For he majority of people, playing online casino games is far more interesting and more comfortable because you can in the comfort of your own home while playing these games.

The experience of playing Live Games

Many people tend to enjoy playing live games because they get a better idea of how it actually is playing in the actual casino. The feeling that they are playing a live game with other people gives them a better chance of experiencing playing at a casino. Many people can live far away from a casino or simply not have the means to get to one, and this is why online casino games can be very helpful and they can give people the opportunity to play. It also gives you the adrenaline and the experience of making decisions on the spot as you play along.

How to play Jackpot Slots

Many online casino games have the option of playing jackpot games that are intended to help you think and really take the time to decide what your next step will be. This gives you the same experience that you would have had if you were actually present inside a casino. Jackpot games are known to be one of the most popular and most played games for this reason. Some of these games even give out the option yo give the winner a bonus just for winning or even for being a participant. The real money jackpots have given many people the chance a large amount of money and has also allowed them to be able to master the concept of these games. Many have become very good at these games because of practicing online.

Online casino games have been bale to become more popular through out the years. There has been more people who have trued this out and have stated that they enjoy it just as much as actually playing inside a casino. The reason that many people like playing these online games is because there a lot of options and variety that people can choose from. There games that require little to no bidding and there are also games where you have the opportunity to win a lot more.

Regardless of why a person has decided to play online casino games, these online games have been a great hit for the internet world. They have allowed many people to play, have a good time and also win some money. They have also allowed many people to learn the concept of the game while being in their home, and getting better at these games the more that they decide to play. Online casino games have been played by many people all over the world and they will continue to become successful because more and more people have enjoyed playing, having a good time and also winning.

Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Online casino no deposit bonuses are given to players who have just signed up for a new membership, who need extra cash to play games, or who would like free spins.


There are a few tips listed below about a casino welcome bonus, and there are a number of people who would prefer to get the bonus offers no deposit option because it is cheaper, easier, and more helpful to the player.

How to Subscribe and get the Bonus

All players must sign up for a new account with the casino, and they are given the welcome bonus as soon as their account is approved. Most players who are looking for a bonus need to check the casino promotions page before signing up. The casino will immediately deposit this money into the player’s account, and they can start using that money or those spins as soon as they like. The player that is trying to make the most money must start with some sort of bonus. The bonus money or spins amount to free plays that make gambling easier.

Someone who is subscribing to a casino multiple times to get many bonuses might be caught by the security team of the casino. Most players need to be sure that they have kept their original account, checked the promotions page every day, and taken extra bonuses where they can. The bonuses never require a deposit and it is important that the player holds out for a no deposit bonus so that they are spending as little money as possible.

What Does The Player Get As A Bonus?

The player will get either extra cash or spins when they sign up for the casino account. These players are given these spins instantly, and they could start to play slot machines for free. These spins almost give the player something that is like a practice round, and the players who have extra spins need to understand what the rules are for these games. The players who have figured out how to play these games efficiently can burn through their bonus spins and start spending real money. The bonuses are all treated differently on each site, and the rules should be followed carefully before the player begins.

The Terms And Conditions On Welcome Bonuses

The terms and conditions for these bonuses are set up so that the player knows how the money will be used. There are many people who would like to learn the rules before they start, and they need to be very aware of what they can do to save money and time. The player that is trying to make the best choices must be aware of how much they need to bet before they can withdraw their money. Players need to know if they can use their spins in the bonus round, and the players need to know if their free spins will be converted to bonus cash when the slot machine wins money.

There are a number of people who would like to learn how to use casino bonuses when they sign up for a new site. The site has rules for these bonuses, and the company will provide people with bonuses that allow them to play slot machines or table games. The welcome bonuses are given with no deposit at all, and the player is credited as soon as their account is approved. These are excellent bonuses for new players, and someone who is ready to make money in a new online casino might sign up for the bonus cash or spins.

Best online Casino Payment Options


The best way to deposit your money is to log in and visit the online cashier. You will then need to select your preferred method of payment. The best online Payment Options are Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Paysafecard and Giropay.

Casino Payment Options: An Inside Look

You will then need to submit your information regarding payment. The blanks are there to fill out. The system will then ask you to enter the amount of money you want to deposit.

1. It is important to note that not every gambling site is going to have the same payment methods. Some options include Neteller, credit/debit cards, and wire transfers. Those wishing to do e-banking will most likely prefer options like Paypal and Neteller.

2. It is also important to note that online deposits, payments, and withdrawals are safe and secure. You can deposit or withdrawal as much you as you would like. Some sites will have a minimum and maximum level, but the highs and lows will suit most gamblers.


I have been using this online banking service for several years now. I can tell you that it is one of the best banking choices I ever made. You can use the service to pay for something on a gambling site even when you do not have a credit card. You do not have to go through a traditional bank routing number.

You get a number from the service you can use. You can deposit, withdrawal, and pay using different currencies. That is especially appealing for international gamblers who can only use specific casinos. The best part about this service is it is free.

This service has a buyer protection policy. That means if you are unhappy with the way something was handled, they will cover your financial situation. The one downside to this service is that it may limit how much a person can spend, but that should not be a major problem for most people.


The biggest benefit of using the card is the third-party affiliation. Say you go gambling online looking for a line of credit. The company does not open the line of credit. They go through a third-party, which also extends the options when you use one. You can use the card anywhere you see the logo, including online casinos. The more you use it, the more perks the company will offer you.


You get the same advantages with Mastercard that you do with the other card, for the most part. This link goes into more detail about the similarities and differences.

The company will protect you against most purchases you make online, including gambling decisions. They will most likely protect you against most liability. However, it is better to speak to them first. The other main benefit is that it is fast and easy to use.


You can use the card to make a wager, and it will protect your personal information, keeping it safe and secure. This is perfect for people who value their online and offline privacy. You can use the card without falling victim to any type of credit card fraud. The best part is that it works as a prepaid card. You do not have to feel guilty over overspending because you cannot. There is no way to overspend on this card because you only have the finances you load into it.


Giropay is the virtual gatekeeper between your bank and your online activities. You simply fund your account through a wire transfer from your bank. It is very safe to use because it works through virtual encryption codes. The only drawback is that this option is mostly available in Germany. You will need to live in Germany and play one of their casinos to use it.

Play Casino Games free No Download


Online casino games are on the rise and the popularity is spreading like wildfire across the country. Slot machines are a staple of the modern day brick and mortar casinos and in recent years the slot machine has become known as the one arm bandit.

Play Casino Games for free

There are so many times you might have wanted to play online casino games but you do not want to have to pay a monthly fee or membership fee or a fee of any kind in order to make this happen.

No Download Required

This use to be virtually impossible to do some years ago, in fact, online casino games didn’t always exist but today this option is widely available to you and you can play online casingames for free. This option is now available, no download necessary. Playing these games online without downloading is usually called “flash games” because of using a flash player.

When you play these online games without downloading anything, what you are doing is you are using the computer’s applications and in order for these online casinos to have casino games you don’t have to download, they must have these important features because they cannot function without the Adobe Flash Player, Java or the latest HTML 5 software.

In order to have the best sound, the best graphics, and animation and in order to make your experience the best experience those key features must be in place. You are able to use this because the casinos must use either of those applications to successfully work. which allows you to play their games without downloading their software so by using that method you can now play casino games free online.

You can play these games on social media platforms such as Facebook, you can play them on Amazon, your Ipad or on your Iphone, also including Android phones. Playing these online casino games can be fun and addicting so what better way to play them than to play them for free and this means you can play these games completely guilt-free and there’s a variety of online casingames you can play such as:

  • blackjack
  • roulette
  • craps
  • scratch card
  • video poker
  • Baccarat

More Privacy without Downloading Games

A lot of times peoples do not like to download these games for security reasons. Also, they do not want their gambling habits exposed on a downloaded system. There are other reasons why some people prefer not downloading any of the casino games to there phones, laptops, computers, etc. The best thing to do is when you’re finished playing your game just clear your browsing history if it concerns you that much but not downloading will prevent privacy issues because your privacy is ensured.

So if you want to play casino games free, the ones that are listed above are some of the ones that are available online to play and remember these casino games do not need to be downloaded and it does not require a deposit. When you play these games you will not be playing for real money, you will get free credit from approximately one thousand up to one million and the credit is given can help you get familiar with the online game you are playing.

So keep in mind that you do have some advantages of playing online casino games like no special browser is needed, all you need is a standard web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox and MAC users also can play these games and you do not have to worry about your account being connected to your personal computer and it is great knowing that you can enjoy playing these games and feeling safe while doing so.

Real Money Casino Apps & Games


Casino games are fun, you get to experience the fun and excitement of playing real casino games in the comfort of your own home. Play new mobile games with secure and save Casino Apps on your mobile phone.

Top 6 Online Casino Apps Where you Win Real Money

With online Casino Apps and mobile Games you have the luxury of taking the fun with you as well.

No matter where you are you can enjoy a game of black jack, slots, or whatever your into and also earn real cash! With real money casino apps you are able to sign in using your login or even Facebook information to gain access to a wide variety of different, classic casino games. You then use any form of payment info whether it be paypal or your credit card and start betting real money and winning real money as well.

Today we are reviewing the top 6 best mobile casino applications of the year

6. Vegas Hero Casino

Vegas Hero Casino online is a great online casino game because you have many games to choose from and there is no minimum deposit requirement so are free to bet whatever you feel comfortable betting with. You also get an online bank of your winnings making it easy to check out and collect your money when the time comes. You can play with real people or versus the computer making it available to play at all times and eliminates the issue of waiting on new players during slow times of the day.

5. Spin Casino

The Spin Casino is a great app to use if you like slots and big winnings. They also have a promotional period where you 100% Match Bonus up to €400, which is a great deal. At Spin Casino you get a huge selection of slot machines and plenty of fun and exciting games that will increase your chance at winning big, which is of course everyone’s goal! It’s an easy process to sign up and the user interface is great too for both Iphone and android operating systems.

4. Genesis Casino

Genesis Casino is a great choice for someone looking to really get into the online poker games. At Genesis Casino you get a wide selection of different games but the poker games are the big hit on this website. You are able to play different styles of poker and with other online players looking for a good game. You also have the ability to bet on live sports events as well on Genesis Casino App which is a really cool feature.

3. Sloty Casino

Sloty Casino – The City of Slots, just as it sounds in the name, is great for slot machine players. This is an iPhone and Android compatible game that encompasses the fun of slot machines as well as real money bets and gambles. This is a great option for real money betters because you can utilize the secure app store deposit and not have to worry about credit card information. With over 100 different slot machines to choose from daily, Sloty Casino really is a “slot” of fun!

2. LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino is a great Casino App for people just starting to learn how to bet online. It has an easy to use platform and offers new event calender’s every day to keep you on track with what your interested in participating in. There is the option to play with your friends online or you can compete against other random players interested in joining your game. LeoVegas Casino Slots makes it easy to have fun betting but also just enjoying the casino games at your own leisure.

1. Jonny Jackpot Casino

Jonny Jackpot Casino rings in at the number one spot mostly because it is well deserved and has been a huge hit among online gamblers. Jonny Jackpot Casino allows both gambler and non-gamblers to play equally using a fake online coin system for those looking to just play for fun. They also have a huge selection of games and a fun, cute layouts and designs to keep the attention of all players.

Free Spins & No deposit Bonuses

With online Casinos there are so many different ones and so many different offers. With this, are going to be discussing the free spins and bonuses that some of the online Casinos offer. Some of the online Casinos may offer a sign-up bonus.


Meaning free spins for a welcome package or they offer a welcome offer. The welcome packages may offer different advantages but we are looking at free spins and and what they offer with the welcome package. With the welcome package though, you have to sign up with the casinos web page before retrieving the welcome package.

Free Spins – No Deposit Bonuses

Don’t we all just love a free spin when we go to casinos, online or in person? Well, with the welcome package for online casinos usually offer free spins. Some online casinos will offer you free spins and their welcome package as long as your put down a deposit, usually minimum is $10.00 dollars but however there are rare occasions where the casinos will offer you free spins no deposit bonuses.

Depending what online casino it is, some will offer the no deposit bonuses. There are some rules around these no deposit bonuses though, with the no deposit bonuses all your earnings from the free spins will stay as bonus money until you make a deposit then you can use them for their play-through. No deposit bonuses are great because you can get a feel for the casino before you have to make any commitment.

With these no deposit bonuses, they will be exposed to the typical play-through conditions before they can be withdrawn. It is very rare for an online casino to offer no deposit bonuses but you will always find at least one online casino that does offer the no deposit bonuses. Take advantage of that because there are slim chances of finding online casinos that do offer the no deposit bonuses.

Welcome Packages

When registering for an online casino most of them do offer their welcoming package. With every online casino the welcoming package is different and may have different bonuses for you to enjoy once you register. Most online casinos though do have some terms and conditions before you can receive your welcome package.

Most online casinos will want you to register with their online casino and make a deposit, which usually the minimum of the deposit is usually $10.00 dollars, however some may ask for more than just $10.00 dollars down payment. Depending on the online casino of course. Usually with online casinos they will limit the amount of times you can make a deposit to receive their welcoming package. Some of them state that you can online do a deposit 4 times to receive their welcoming package. Members needs to bet their first four welcome bonuses at least 40 times before the members can withdraw any of their winnings gained from them or their bonuses.

These kinds of casinos online are great for people who don’t want to leave their houses or don’t have a way to leave their houses. They can enjoy earning…. or losing their money right from their home. For anyone who just wants to stay home and relax and not really want to talk face to face with people would love these kinds of casinos. Straight from home and not having to pay for gas to go to casinos. Like if you register for the casinos online you get free spins and a welcoming package. There are many great things about casinos online that the in-person casinos may not offer. Take the advantage of the welcoming package and free spins because you may not find a better offer.